ENGEN Rwanda partners with Safe Gas to introduce revolutionary cooking gas product

Rwanda’s leading petroleum products distributor Engen Rwanda has struck a deal with Norwegian Safe Gas Ltd which will see the former introduce a trendy gas product that eliminates the risk of explosion largely associated with traditional steel gas cylinders.

Engen PartnersThe partnership that for the first time brings Engen Rwanda into official vending and distribution of gas is described by Sarah Doukoure, the company’s Director General as being in line with its envisaged vision.

“We over the years hesitated to join the gas market because we had not landed the right product to proudly introduce to our customers; we believe in safety and convenience, and Safe Gas is a perfect representation of these qualities for as far as cooking gas is concerned.”

Contained in a fibre-like cylinder, Safe Gas answers the question of safety that for long has kept many families and businesses hesitant of using gas in cooking.

For instance, several Rwandan families which rely on semiskilled, largely non-literate helpers for providing cooking services have always expressed concern of safety citing the likelihood of an explosion of a gas cylinder due to misuse.

With Safe Gas, this worry is not only mitigated, it is completely eliminated.

Given its non-steel, fibre-like makeup, Safe Gas is resistant to explosion in case of a kitchen accident. The simple definition of Safe Gas as its manufacturers share is “cooking gas that does not pose risks of explosion”.

“More than anything else, everyone wants to be and feel safe at home more than anywhere else. With regards to gas powered cooking, Safe Gas answers the need for a safe kitchen and home, and as a family person myself, I am happy that this product is finally here to benefit me and many other consumers in Rwanda,” Doukoure confided.

She thus called on Rwandans to take advantage of the latest technology to have the safest gas cylinders that prevent explosive related calamities that kitchen gas may cause.

With the question of explosion and related safety risks eliminated, there is no doubt that gas powered cooking is the solution that Rwandans need to address ever growing environment concerns that call for reduced wood fuel usage, effective energy use, and clean, timely cooking.

The new Safe Gas is now available at all Engen refill stations across Rwanda and the product is selling at the ongoing Rwanda International Trade fare underway in the Capital Kigali at discounted rates for first adopters.

“We are not in the business just to make money, we are also very interested in ensuring safety, convenience and providing cost effective business solutions customers’ needs,” Doukoure highlighted.

Speaking of convenience, Safe Gas’ nature addresses yet another challenge that most families have had in past with respect to using gas powered cooking.

Unlike traditional steel cylinders, the Safe Gas cylinder is light and can be carried by anyone.

Anyone who has used gas packaged in the steel cans will witness that they have on several occasions found themselves in a tricky situation struggling with means of transporting them during a refill.

“Without a car, it is almost impossible to transport traditional steel gas cylinders from one place to another. This is one of the challenges that Safe Gas solves and I am happy that it has been introduced in Rwanda. More people will now begin to use gas to fuel their cooking needs,” Innocent Kiramira, a buyer met at the Expo underway in Kigali commented.

Again with regards to convenience, the Safe Gas Cylinder is translucent, making it easy to keep track of the level the gas content has reached.

Thus no more surprises of running out of gas unexpectedly in the middle of cooking, something that almost everyone who used gas before has suffered at least once.

Safe Gas is non-explosive, translucent, light weight, non-corrosive and has attractive casing. The safe gas cylinder has a fibre structure that holds pressure and prevents explosion under extreme conditions such as fire or puncture. In addition there is a pressure release valve that lets off excessive unnecessary pressure that would eventually result into an explosion in case of traditional gas cylinders.

The beauties that come with this new gas product on the Rwandan market are inexhaustible, for besides all the already listed advantages that Safe Gas brings for consumers, its design guarantees yet another; it is rust free.

This means that the rust marks traditional steel cylinders leave in the spot where they are placed will also become history, ensuring that the floor remains spotless clean.

According to Safe Gas Rwanda’s Managing Director Mugabo, the partnership with Engen was driven by the petroleum products distributor’s values and principles which are driven by provided the best to consumers.

“ENGEN’s service stations are neat, environmentally conscious and organized in addition to a wide network of over 20 refill stations across the country. This is what informed our decision to partner with them for we operate on similar principles,” Mugabo said.

At least 80 percent of cooking in Rwanda is said to be using wood fuel or charcoal which induces people to interfere with the country’s forest cover to meet the demand. More trees are at risk of being cut if this is not averted hence a need for use of alternative cooking fuel sources.

Gas has in the past been feared many for the risk of explosion that it poses.

Thus, the Engen-Safe Gas partnership which brings a non-explosive gas product will go a long way in eliminating the challenge and convincing more people to switch to gas for their cooking activities.

Source: www.hope-mag.com